4.1 General Meetings
These consist of the Annual General Meeting of the Society, normally held in November, plus any Extraordinary General Meetings which may be called from time to time to consider particular matters.

4.2 Voting rights at General Meetings.
Fellows of the SMAE and all clubs affiliated to the BMFA have the right to vote at general meetings of the SMAE. Each shall have one vote, the affiliated club’s being cast by its duly authorised representative. If a poll vote is called, an affiliated club shall have one vote for each registered full member and a Fellow shall have five votes.
Council of Management meetings do not come into this category and have their own voting system (see the section 25 of this handbook).

4.3 Voting rights in Postal Ballots
These are decided by BMFA Council from time to time. Depending on circumstances, all BMFA members may be eligible to vote in the postal ballot and voting forms will be distributed as required.