3.1 Affiliated Club Membership
Open to clubs and model flying groups consisting of not less than five persons. All current club members who fly and/or who are involved in any organising function within the club whatsoever must be registered with the BMFA as fully paid up individual members and at least one of them must be a senior member.
3.2 Schools and Youth Group Membership
Open to bona-fide school model flying clubs and clubs organised by recognised youth organisations such as the ATC, the Young Engineers or the Scouts etc. The minimum number of club members is one individual senior and four juniors. The juniors need not be named and their membership fee will be one third of the current junior fee, rounded to the nearest pound.
This gives the club full affiliated membership of the BMFA and at General meetings such clubs carry one vote for the senior member and one vote for every three reduced rate juniors, subject to a minimum of five votes.
Any reduced rate junior may become a full member of BMFA by paying the balance of the full junior membership fee. Any such full junior member is not disqualified from membership of his youth group.